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Water & Waste Water Tech

Every water and waste water problem has a unique solution based on the influent conditions and effluent requirements. 


There are numerous water and wastewater needs. They all, however, fit the bill of either removing solids from water, or water from solids, or possibly also removing hydrocarbons from both. We can provide solutions for any situation involving either or in some cases multiple (wastewater treatment with secondary sludge dewatering for example). Here are some basic systems that we can provide:


  • Work Camps and Containerized Systems
  • Membrane Bio-Reactors for municipal, agricultural and industrial waste water treatment
  • MF/UF and Reverse Osmosis for Water Purification
  • Water Reuse and Zero Discharge Systems

    Each system above has a specific purpose, and depending on what your individual needs are, your system will be built up from modules containing numerous components.


    We will design a system for you that exactly meets your needs.


    Automation Tech

    Factory automation is the art of taking tasks that require accuracy and repeatibility and creating machines to perform those tasks with far greater accuracy, speed and quality than a worker could.

    We don't remove the job, we make the job easier, faster, less wasteful, more efficient and competitive on the free market. You will find numerous types of equipment introduced to fulfill your needs. Here is again, a brief, list to help you better understand our services:


  • Continuous Motion Assembly
  • Custom Material Handling Solutions: Conveyors, lifts, warehousing, pick and place, automated storage and retrieval
  • Process Automation
  • Machine Vision Inspection

    Your individual needs will be based on your particular process. We will help you identify the bottleneck tasks in your process and created automated solutions for your plant. We will substantially reduce waste, increase productivity, reduce downtime, virtually eliminate errors, and provide you with impeccable quality control at your fingertips. All with data logging so you can accurately control, track and monitor your process.



    There are numerous needs in every work environment for acoustic damping. Somethimes it is that you have an incredibly loud machine. Sometimes you just want to reduce the overall background noise in the plant. Sometimes you just want to take a room or rooms, and create quiet work and meeting environments within them. Whatever your particular need, we can provide custom acoustic solutions.


  • Meeting Rooms, Offices, Lobbie
  • Custom Equipment Enclosures
  • Stacks, Vents and Silencers
  • Factory Noise Abatement

    Your individual needs will be based on your particular conditions, regulations and desires.