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Every industry has commonalities. One of which is noise. At Dynamic Machine Design we specialize in noise reduction.


There are three main sources of office noise and each has its own solution.


1. General Office Clamour


The most obvious office noise is the general clamour from the office work, telephones ringing, people moving around, closing doors, shuffling papers walking and talking. None of these sources on their own is particularly distracting but when you have a bunch of it at once the combination can be overwhelming. With this type of noise problem acoustic absorbers are a good solution. And even though we are engineers, we can make them attractive. For exceptionally noisy rooms we will suggest putting what is called a base trap along one wall that will attenuate the low and mid range noises.



2. Point Source Noise

Point Source Noise can be the easiest to deal with.


With a point source there are usually only one or two main frequencies produced. Depending the the source we can either enclose it entirely as with a pump or blower, or partially enclose it as with printers.


The first stage in a partial enclosure is to block the direct sound routes with absorbers. Having a direct line of sight between you and the noise is bad. The second is to perform an acoustic analysis (pictured below)that will determine the exact frequencies that are the culprets, and design Helmholtz Resonators to surgically remove those frequencies from the area.


Acoustic Analysis Software Screenshot


3. Structure Borne Noise

And the third most common is noise infiltrating from outside sources.Structure Borne Sound can be the most incideous of all. We see this issue in offices that are atttached to factories or that are near other businesses that make lots of noise. The solution here is often to block the noise at the entry point. This can mean redesigning wall, floors, ceilings and doors.


Redesigning wall for acoustics


In any room you have,whether it be a meeting room in the middle of a factory, a large open office space or lobby, or you private TV room at home, the science does not change. We can help you to control the sound conditions and make them to your personal requirements.


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