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Water & Wastewater Treatment


Engineering, Technology and Creativity Combine to:

  • Meet or Exceed Your Most Stringent Water and Wastewater Process Criteria.
  • Ensure Environmental Compliance.
  • Create and Maintain Robust and Reliable, Cost Effective, Tailored Solutions.
  • Reduce your OPEX by Minimizing Downtime, Rejects and Waste.


Every industry has commonalities. Every industry has its unique characteristics as well. At Dynamic Machine Design we specialize in integrating our expertise and our experience with your specific industry and unique processes. We are your solution provider. We will help you take your project from concept to commissioning, and assist in every step along the way including the development of a business model to prove the economic benefit from the project.


Dynamic Machine Design Conference with Client

Whatever your industry and whatever your process, it should include the experts at Dynamic Machine Design. From rendering plants, to food processing, to municipal wastewater treatment, wood chips to radioactive contaminants, we will work with your management, engineers, operators and maintenance staff to provide the perfect solution to all your Wastewater Treatment and Automation needs.


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Custom Automation

The secret to thriving in a competitive world of offshore manufacturing is Custom Automation.


Automation will:

  • Increase Throughput and Quality of your Products.
  • Reduce OPEX, Waste, Rejects and Handling.
  • Reduce Manual Labour & Resultant Human Error.
  • Provide Extremely Accurate and Reliable Quality Control & Inspections.
  • Optimize Available Resources and Greately Reduce Manpower.


We automate the key tasks within your process, monitoring the essential inputs while controlling the essential outputs, and integrating them together into a seemless Process Flow. Dynamic Machine Design will work with you to provide the most advanced, cost effective, efficient Automation within your existing processes. We will also provide you with the Quality Assurance tools you need, for inspections, real time live reporting, and for data logging and tracking.


Dynamic Machine Design Automated Continuous Assembly

Automation is not limited to hard objects. Bottling, bagging, boxing, pouches, powders, sorting, order filling, wrapping, inspections and palletizing are all within the realm of Automation. Water and Wastewater Systems are also automated. Flow, temperature, pH, Biological Oxygen Demand, Turbidity, Oxygen Reduction Potential are just a few of the characteristics that must be monitored and adjusted on an ongoing basis. Our Automated Custom Engineered Control systems, whether as stand alone controllers or wired back to your system DCS, will ensure an exacting process and maintain environmental compliance. Doing so will increase accuracy and speed while significantly reducing waste and downtime through a substantial increase of throughput, product quality and bottom line profitability.


When we add Telemetry to your Automation Package, we can allow you to closely monitor your system in real time, even from another country. Your operators and maintenance staff can be elsewhere in your plant as your equipment runs, and be instantly notified of important incidents or milestones in your process as well as any alarms that would require their attention. This also allows Dynamic Machine Design to access your system remotely for service work or process modifications that you desire.


Dynamic Machine Design Automated Machine Vision Inspection System

Machine Vision Inspection

We can also provide Machine Vision inspection which is much faster and far more accurate than anything human quality control can provide. Any definable physical parameter, shape, dimensions, color etc, can be captured, identified and quantified by Machine Vision. The lens of the camera will do it far quicker and more accurately than the human eye.


The secondary advantage of incorporating Machine Vision Inspection into your Automated process is that it will make your Quality Assurance and Quality Control recordable, measurable and tracable. You can arbitrarily add set metrics into you Inspections and keep track of your results. This becomes very handy when Lot matching.



Dynamic Machine Design Automated Machine Vision Inspection System

Most of our time, energy and resultant waste in factories occurs in Material Handling. When we visit your Factory, we look for Pain Points. When we see a crowd of people gathered around a machine, around a conveyor, that is where we start. Most factories today have some level of Automation, but usually those Automated Processes are not connected. You might have a chiller, for example, but when it feeds pouches out the end, there are six or eight people crowded around trying to sort and package them in boxes, with a couple of others running around trying to palletize and wrap the boxes.


We will provide you with an Automated, Custom Material Handling Solution for your process that will perfectly meet your needs. This can include a fully Automated Storage and Retrieval System for warehousing.



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