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Continuous Motion Assembly

Factory automation is the art of taking tasks that require accuracy and repeatibility and creating machines to perform those tasks with far greater accuracy, speed and quality than a worker could. Automation provides control and quality assurance that is not obtainable by manual means.



Continuous motion allows a process where the base assembly never stops moving. Parts are introduced without stopping the line, not even for a moment. So for every thousand assemblies you produce, and say each assembly had six parts, and you stopped the system for ten seconds for each part to assemble it, your production line would be stopped for one minutes per assembly or over 16 hours per thousand parts. With continuous motion the line continues unstopped.

We don't remove the job, we make the job easier, faster, less wasteful, more efficient and competitive on the free market. You will find numerous types of equipment introduced to fulfill your needs. Here is again, a brief, incomplete list to help you better understand our services:


Automation Concept Video

Sometimes it can be difficult to envision what automation can do for you, how it will look, and why we can increase your throughput and reduce waste and rejects all with a smaller footprint than your current operation. To better describe the benefits we can produce a basic process automation concept video like the one below.


Automation Concept Video Example


Your needs will be based on your process. We will help you identify the bottleneck tasks in your process and created automated solutions for you plant. We will substantially reduce waste, increase productivity, reduce downtime, virtually eliminate errors, and provide you with impeccable quality control at your fingertips. All with data logging so you can track and monitor your process.

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