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Customer Support, Online and in Person

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At Dynamic Machine Design, we provide full service and support for everything we produce. All of the Automated equipment we engineer and build, for every industry, can be equipped with telemetry to allow the operators to be called in case of issues or warnings. Whether the operator is in the plant or at home, the system can be configured to meet your needs. This also means that while the equipment is running, the operator does not need to baby sit it. They can be tending to other tasks and be called only when needed for maintenance or operation decisions.


Water and Wastewater Treatment

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Systems Support

Dynamic Machine Design understands the special nature of Water and Wastewater Treatment. Environmental Compliance, along with Health and Safety, are at the core of Wastewater Treatment processes. Equipment must be kept running, and kept running at designed parameters. Our specialists will work with your team to monitor your process variables and ensure that your Wastewater Treatement Systems are fully optimized and compliant. Field Service Represtatives are on call to help when you need us.



Automation, Process and Mechanical Support


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Dynamic Machine Design provides assistance with your Automation. With our Telemetry Option, we can log into your System remotely to help with software concerns, or to assist in tuning your process. We also have field service representatives that will travel to your site to help when needed.


Dynamic Machine Design provides full Engineering and process design along with manufacturing of systems and monitoring. We design, build, test, install and commission your project, all to your specifications, to meet your needs. We will continue to work with you to optimize and maintain its effecient operation.


Dynamic Machine Design also offers a maintenance service package for clients who do not staff sufficient tradesmen, or simply do not want the extra responsibility. We can monitor you systems and send Field Service Representatives to your site to perform scheduled maintenance on your systems.



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